The Art Of The Slow Flip

For Wholesalers, Fix & Flippers and BRRRR Landlords looking for passive income in real estate...

New Book Reveals 
How To Turn 
 Cheap Homes 
$875/mo  Passive Income Checks

(Without being a landlord, rehabbing or living in the same state as these homes)

What are Slow Flips?

Slow Flips are a counterintuitive approach to real estate that allows you to: 

  • Replace your W2 income with recurring real estate income
  • Travel the world with your family while you still can
  • Unchain yourself from the daily grind of the 9-5 
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    We buy cheap properties and sell them "AS-IS" on the market. This is done using our kind financing program that allows us to earn income checks ranging from $875/mo to $1200/mo

    Every single month. 

    For for next 30 years.

    Slow Flips Are A Shortcut

    Before I did Slow Flips, I was doing fast flips with the BRRRR method for measly $200/mo checks. 

    I had over 100+ properties and tenants drove me crazy every day

    I had 2am toilet trouble and turnovers and tenants used to trash the properties. 

    Then 2008 came and my portfolio crashed like a house of cards.

    After 13 years and multiple recessions, I was able to make $60-90k/mo from 178 Slow Flip properties.

    Slow Flips will allow you to earn real recurring income so you can stop worrying about paying the bills or saving up for your kid's college fund..

    I like to call Slow Flips the "4 Hour Work Week" of real estate.

    See below to learn how it works in detail: 

    Here's What This Means For You And Your Real Estate Business 

    By finding Slow Flips in various states across the country, we are able to acquire Slow Flips one after another in quick succession.

    This strategy helped me bring in close to $70-90k/mo every single month.

    Once you understand the slow flips strategy, you will be getting passive income checks ranging from $875-1200/mo for the next 30 years.

    What would that do for you?

    Would you retire early?

    Would you worry about paying the bills anymore?

    Would you start living your dreams? 

    If you're like my students, you would want to spend more time with your family on vacations you've missed over the years.

    More importantly, Slow Flips will unlock generational wealth for your children and grandchildren to live with the legacy you’ve built.

    Here's a few case studies of students using the slow flip strategy to start their passive income journey: 

    The Art Of The Slow Flip 
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    "I loved this book and the concept that Scott brings forward in a fashion that is truly helpful to the average investor today! 

    A lot of gurus are teaching the old rental myth model of investing and it hurt a lot of people during the last housing crash, including this author. 

    Well, he has figured out a better way and his method of buying on short term and then selling on long term financing is definitely a game changer. 

    This book is a must read if you are tired of being a landlord and want to learn a better way to be an investor!"
    - Daniel P.
    "This book is filled with in depth knowledge on the slow flip real estate investing strategy. 

    This strategy is truly a game changer allowing you to potentially reach financial freedom within 5 years

    I've personally followed this strategy and purchased 4 slow flip properties this year!
    - Michael B.
    "I loved this book and the concept that Scott brings forward in a fashion that is truly helpful to the average investor today!

    A lot of gurus are teaching the old rental myth model of investing and it hurt a lot of people during the last housing crash, including this author.

    Well, he has figured out a better way and his method of buying on short term and then selling on long term financing is definitely a game changer.

    This book is a must read if you are tired of being a landlord and want to learn a better way to be an investor!"
    - Daniel P.
    "This book is filled with in depth knowledge on the slow flip real estate investing strategy.

    This strategy is truly a game changer allowing you to potentially reach financial freedom within 5 years!

    I've personally followed this strategy and purchased 4 slow flip properties this year ($3500/mo)"
    - Michael B.

    Sounds too Good to be True?

    Well, listen up. 

    I’m about to show a completely different approach to investing in real estate.

    I haven’t taken any massive loan from the banks to build this empire (in fact, you can get started without using any of your money)

    I'm going to show you how I’m making $60-90k/mo from 170 Slow Flips in passive income WITHOUT managing tenants or maintenance headaches.

    In fact, here's a screenshot of my payments calendar of checks that range from $875-$1200/mo
    Throughout the entire year, cash checks from all my Slow Flips are deposited to my account every single month.
    That means I can take 12 weeks off in the year travelling the world.
    But that’s not even the best part.

    The best part is: The wealth I’ve built is recession-proof.

    Even if the 2008 wealth crisis repeats itself 10 times…

    Even if the interest rates increase 10-fold (like it happened in 2023)…

    My students and I will continue cashing checks. 
    Month after month, they'll be rolling in straight to our bank accounts.

    I’m about to explain how you can do just that in my new book called “The Art Of The Slow Flip”.

    "If you’re a new investor or a seasoned investor, then this is a must have book to read. 

    Another tool in your tool pouch to sharpen your skills." 
    - Mikey C.
    "Scott, thank you so much. I've earmarked the entire book! I don't think there isn't a page inside that I can't find something really, really good. 

    With your help, I made $16,500 on my first deal and now I'm even using Slow Flips to pay for my Europe vacation!" 
    - Carmen P.
    Before I tell how you exactly you can turn cheap, distressed houses into steady passive income monthly checks, let me tell you:

    Why Rentals Are A Bad Way To Build Wealth...

    And Mortgaging Your House Is The Riskiest Thing You Can Do

    Hi, I’m Scott Jelinek.

    Over the past several years, I've done over 800+ property deals and helped hundreds of Americans leave the rat race and use real estate to achieve financial freedom.
    I bought my first property in 1994.

    Although I paid for that property in full, I soon discovered the “Standard Real Estate Formula” that every real estate “guru” preaches.

    The Standard Real Estate Formula

    • Step 1: Buy a property at a 10% down payment and mortgage the rest.
    • Step 2: Find tenants who’ll pay rent more than your monthly mortgage payment.
    • Step 3: Take money from tenants, pay the mortgage and pocket the difference.
    • Step 4: Do that for 30 years and you’ll have financial freedom.
    I used this formula to add 84 properties to my portfolio by 2007.

    And then it happened: The great financial crisis.

    All my properties started losing equity and my tenants couldn’t pay rent because they had lost their jobs.

    I lost 55 houses due to foreclosure.

    My friends went back to their dead-end jobs at IBM or started flipping burgers.

    But I had nowhere to go.

    I had left school in grade 11.

    I had no other skills other than following the “Standard Real Estate Formula” (which had now failed me).

    But I saw that some old guys remain unaffected by the crash.

    They lost nothing. 

    In fact, they were even making money.

    They were buying MORE properties and scaling their portfolio even during the crash.

    So, I invited them to lunch and asked them questions.

    And then I realised the key to their success.

    The guys who were unaffected by the crash owned all their properties, 100% free and clear.

    They had no massive debts...

    So banks couldn’t touch them.

    During the crash, they loaned money to other people and collected interest payments.

    In other words, they were the BANK.

    And then I saw the BIG, MAJOR flaws in the “Standard Real Estate Investing” Formula:

    🏦 You had to take a massive debt

    🗓️ You had to wait for 30 years to be financially free

    📉 You were at extreme risk of foreclosure if you couldn’t find tenants or if the market crashed

    📞 And after taking so many risks, you still had to answer the midnight calls and fix toilets.

    In good times, you’ll have tenants and will have to fix the toilets, maintain properties and replace the water tank.

    In bad times, you won’t have tenants (or they’ll stop paying rent because the market crashed and they lost their jobs)...

    And you’ll have to pay for those properties out of your pocket.

    Or you'll have them foreclosed for you and have your credit score sink.

    If you’re using the “Standard Real Estate Investing” Formula, you’re standing between a bull’s horns.
    No matter which side you turn, you'll still get stabbed.
    So, what’s the alternative?

    The Art of The Slow Flip: A Recession-Proof Strategy To Build Passive Income In 5 Years Or Less

    "This book is very informative and an easy read! I have no real estate background, but Scott does a great job explaining everything. Highly recommend!"
     - Brandy P.
    Let me tell you about some of my students who've used slow flips to successfully generate passive income.

    Case Study #1: John

    Take John, who owned 12 properties.

    He sold two of them and made a profit of $40K

    He had bought a property for $107K about a year ago… and now he sold it for $165K.

    He made a profit of about $65K in just a year WITHOUT doing anything.

    Meanwhile, his other 9 properties are generating enough passive income to sustain his lifestyle. 

    Hear his story in his own words...

    "I walked away from the table with $65,000 in less than a year"

    Case Study #2: Mike 

    Or take Mike, who has 6 properties in his portfolio.

    A year ago, he got a property for $195K.

    It was a 6-unit apartment.

    He did a down payment of $13K and a monthly payment of $1,204.

    Then, he immediately sold it to a 'buyer' for $299K with $25K down

    And received a monthly payment of $2,995/mo.

    After some fees and taxes, he started getting $1,000 in passive income from this deal every month.

    And in a year's time, Mike got 'cashed out' by the same buyer and made a profit of $101K.

    Don't believe me?

    Let's hear it from the man himself...

    "I walked away from the closing table with a little over $101,000 in a year's time with no money out of my pocket whatsoever"

    Case Study #3: Joey 

    And what about Joey?

    Joey is 30 years old and he learnt about Slow flips 5 years ago.

    Since then, he’s managed to secure 100+ slow flips that bring him $70k/mo in passive income.

    Let's hear what he has to say about Slow Flips...

    ""Slow Flips are a's May 1st right now and my online payment system already has $25,000 in money coming in from just May alone.""

    There are dozens of Mikes, Johns and Joeys in our community...

    Pushing themselves one step closer to financial freedom with every slow flip.

    And I want you to join them.

    I've had the privilege to work with many investors over the years. 

    I still continue to show them how to use Slow-Flipping to supercharge themselves to financial freedom.

    And that’s exactly what I’m going teach you in my new book

    What Exactly Will You Learn?

    I don't want to spoil all the surprises, but let me give you a taste of what's to come. Here's a sneak peek of what's in store for you...


    • I'll teach you how to get passive income from properties WITHOUT getting into massive debt (or dealing with 100 headaches that come with being a property owner).
    • I reveal the exact formula that I use to generate 3X to 10X ROI from cheap and distressed houses. (Page 47)
    • Each house I buy adds about $500-$1000 to my monthly passive income. At the time of this writing, I have around 158 properties and counting (do the math).


    • I'll give you my step-by-step process to find cheap houses FAST that you can buy for as little as $30K. (Page 78)
    • I'll teach you where to find them, what to look for in a property while buying it and the things to avoid, so you don't make the mistakes I made early in my journey.


    • I'll teach you how to find buyers who’ll pay you 3X-10X the price of your property, so you can sell the property immediately WITHOUT renovating it. (Page 113)
    • I'll give the exact formula I use to sell my houses FAST, so you can start getting your first $500/mo in passive income in no time.


    • I'll give you my exact strategy to sell the properties.
    • This is where the magic happens. This is where I reveal how exactly you can get your $500/mo passive income check from each house you buy. (Page 144)
    • My closing strategy has helped many of my students generate enough passive income to sustain their lifestyle.


    • Lastly, I'll teach you how to buy properties when you don’t have any money.
    • I'll help you raise money from ordinary people who are sick of getting low returns from banks or stock market. (Page 176)
    • I'll teach you how you can get money from these investors FAST and how you can pay it off in less than 5 years through your slow flips. (Page 190)

    But Scott, How do you achieve $10k/mo with Slow Flips?

    Good question. 

    I traced back my entire journey of hitting my first $10k/mo and I've distilled the process to 4 key phases.

    Here they are...

    Claim Your Free Book &
     Get These FREE Bonuses

    After being in this game since 1994, I've seen it all.

    I've survived 3 recessions, 2001, 2008 and 2020.

    I've been through many periods of highs and downs.

    I want you to ride the highs and skip-jump through the lows of your investing journey.

    That's why I've included 6 bonuses to share with you the hidden secrets behind my $60-90k/mo real estate business.

    Bonus  #1: Slow Flip Mini Course 
    ($297 Value)

    I don't want you to sit around waiting for the book, so I worked with my team to get you up to speed with everything you need to know about Slow Flips.

    This mini course condenses all the knowledge from the art of the slow flip book in numerous bite-sized videos. We cover every aspect of Slow Flips in more detail, with a few case studies to boot. 

    This will unlock your ability to start your freedom lifestyle faster. 

    This leads me to one of my favorite bonuses you're going to get with your purchase...

    Bonus  #2: Joey $70k/mo Case Study 
    ($197 Value)

    Joey is one of my top students who has been acquiring Slow Flips in quick succession. 

    I sat down with him and interviewed him about his success and deconstructed his entire journey. 

    From 40 Slow Flips in 2022, he now has 105 Slow Flips in 2023 that give him $70k/mo in passive profit checks. 

    He's also built a system that allows him to acquire around 6 Slow Flips every month. (Extra $5-6k/mo)

    He's also given me permission to highlight a few of his Slow Flips so you can learn from him and emulate his success.

    In this interview, he highlighted how he got from 20 Slow Flips in 2021 to 40 in 2022 and shared with us how he accelerated his pace of Slow Flips from 40 to 105 in just 10 months!

    Bonus  #3: Goal Setting 101 
    ($97 Value)

    If you don't know what you're striving for, you'll end up anywhere. 

    This is the foundation to any successful real estate investor and this is the reason why I was able to bounce back after losing 55+ properties to foreclosure back in 2008.

    If you don't set your goals properly, you're just going to wade through the journey and end up in a situation you're going to hate. 

    I'll teach you how to think and set goals so that you have a clear vision of the type of investor you want to be. 

    Bonus #4: How To Reach Your Freedom Number
    ($97 Value)

    Your freedom number is the money you need to be financially free from your job. Usually it's anywhere from $7-10k/mo for most people.

    But rather than just your freedom number, I want you to be thinking about how Slow Flips can play a cornerstone in your freedom lifestyle.

    This training is designed to get you to think deeper about your goals and formulating an action plan to start working towards your dream lifestyle. 

    After this video, you will gain so much clarity on what you're striving for and what you need to do to move forward.  

    Bonus #5: Riding The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Success ($197 Value) 

    I highlight the key transition periods in your career you have to look out for and exactly what to do during those periods to accelerate your progress.

    If you don't see this coming and handle these periods properly, you'll end up like my closest competitor, who went from buying 60 houses in 1 year to washing cars in the next).

    I share the key distinction that separates investors who fail and go back to their 9-5s and the investors who end up with a 7-8 figure business with $60-90k/mo in passive income.

    This is a must watch if you truly want to thrive and succeed in the long run. 

    I've personally never shared these secrets anywhere else and you'll get this completely for free with your copy of the Art Of The Slow Flip.

    Bonus #6: Digital Copy Of The Art Of The Slow Flip ($27 Value) 

    I dont want you sitting around waiting for the book to arrive so I will send you the PDF version so you can start cracking into it.

    Take the digital copy with you anywhere you go and you can start learning about the secrets to the art of the slow flip. 

    Read this alongside the bonus trainings and you will be one step closer to designing your freedom lifestyle. 

    So grab a copy of your book today and start your journey to $875/mo passive income checks

    Soon, your own calendar will start to look like mine...

    So, if you’re sick of the "Standard Real Investing Formula"...

    Which basically means:

    🏦 Taking massive loans from banks to buy properties

    📞 Answering the midnight calls and dealing with the 100 different things that come with being a homeowner

    📉 Risking losing everything in a market crash

    🗓️ Waiting for 30 years to get financial freedom…

    Then this book is for you.

    I mean, look at this way... 

    How long more do you want to wait to get your real estate business off the ground?

    The "AI Revolution" is already here.

    Once ChatGPT is in full force and replaces more jobs than ever...

    Your friends won't even have a stable 9-5 anymore. 

    They may have to resort to selling insurance...

    Maybe even waiting tables...

    While you're sitting at home, preparing for your monthly trip to the Bahamas.

    Because you were responsible with your finances all this time.

    Acquiring one Slow Flip after another...

    Investing in Real Estate the SMART way. 

    With the Slow Flip strategy, you'll be the one picking up the checks at dinners with your friends.

    You'll become "that guy" (or girl) who your friends turn to for help when they're feeling a pinch with their finances.

    You're the reliable, responsible friend in your peer group. 

    How would that make you feel?

    That's exactly how I've been living my life since 2010.

    If you'd like to enjoy that lifestyle with me and hundreds of my students...

    Then what are you waiting for?

    Click the button below and get your copy of my FREE book. 

    Start building your passive wealth with Slow Flips today.

    How Slow Flips Changed The Life of My Students

    "I've seen people go from worried about retirement to paying for their kid's college
    - Kevin G.

    "The Slow Flip strategy has allowed me to build up a much bigger portfolio a lot quicker, with a lot less headaches"
    - James H.

    So Send Me Your Address...

    I want to rush a FREE copy of my new book to your doorstep, ASAP!